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We have delivery services to any place in the country

The Best Prices

Ge can negociate any price from $50.00, only if the containers are from the same quality
(nationalized, same physical state, same location)

Personalize your containers

Design your containers, we can help you do it

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It isn´t necessary any intermediates, easy and simple

Its never been so easy to buy a container

Who we


We are a Costarican- Venezuelan capital company in which we emulate a washing station that exists in Puerto Cabello (Altmar- Inatlan containers in Venezuela), We have got a 15 year experience serving big companies such as: Stolt, ITT, Hoyer and Flexitank. These are emulated here in Costa Rica with an export-import service.

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Our Services

Iso tank cleaning

To clean ISO Tanks we got Hidrocell, spinners, hidrostatic pump, washing machine, a boiler for hot water, compressor and a pneumatic transfer pump.


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