Servicio de Lavado de Contenedores

INATLAN offers the internal wash service as well as specialized tanks, always following the international standards. 


Our facilities are designed to wash up to four tanks simultaneously.


This is the tanks we can service

Ethylhexyl acrylate - Ethylhexyl acrylate - MEK - Butyl acetate - Butyl acrylate - Ethyl Acetate - Vinyl Acetate - Propanol - Nytex 4700 - Styrene Monomer - Magiesol 44 - Magiesol 47 - Alquidan 134 c - Alquidan 150 c - Alquidan 241 c - Rhodia Augeo SL 191 - Tolueno.


We have a recycle and tank system to your provisions.


We have top of the line machinery such as:

hydrocells, hydrostatic pump, washing machine, hot water cauldron, spinners, extractors, compressors, pneumatic racking pump. 

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